The long streach of the beautiful Negombo beach is considered one of the more attractive beaches of Sri Lanka. Just 35 Km or an hour and a half away from Colombo, this is the place for FUN diving at its best. The dive locations in Negombo are segregated into two locations. The closer dive sites are about 5 to 8 Km away from the shore and the further “third” reef about 22 Km away.


Maha Gala (25 mins)

A very large reef with a lots of exotic fish including lobsters, groupers, snappers, lionfish and loads of many other stuff to be seen. Depth 14m on top of the reef and 16 to the bottom. Large whip type black coral growth is found on top of the reef along with anemones. Good site for various levels of training dives.

Uravi Gala (25 mins)

Depth 16m situated just a few kms from the maha gala . groupers of various sizes can been seen along with snappers, fussliers, rays and many other types of fish. Drop anchor and descend along the rope to observe the exotic marine life in and around the reef.

Derana Gala (35–40 mins in smooth seas)

The reef is situated 13 ,kms from the dive centre. Need 30 mins in smooth seas. Max depth 25m. A narrow reef patch which is about 10 – 15m wide and 150m in length. Schools of barracuda,travelly, fussliers, blue stripe snappers, honey comb moray , lion ish can be seen. At all times large schools of goldline spinetrek, barracudas, schools of travelly can be seen. One of the fiest dive sites in srilanka.

Mutu Paraya (pearl reef. 16m - 30mins )

One of the most beautiful reefs full of marine life. A very good site for the open water training dive no 3 or 4. Teddy bear coral and over hundreds of different kinds of fish of various sizes to be observed. Time to time anglers can be seen fishing near the reef. Discarded fishing nets as well as fishing hooks are found on the reef.

Diyamba Suda (20km boat drive one hour)

Mistakenly named as the 3rd reef by some divers. The last frontier before the depth of the indian ocean is reached. Actually the 10th reef if the reefs are counted on straight line. About is to 20 different rocks and reefs are found enroute to the site.

The reef has a lots of dome type corals with excellent visibility. The best is about 30m. the shallowest is about 17m and goes down to about 25 – 30 m. strong currents can be encounered.

Diyamba Gala (26m 45 mins drive smooth seas)

Another very good site for a deep dive. Bottom of the sea bed is 26m. top of the rock about 22m. more than four rocks with small caves can be seen. More often honey comb moray and a giant green or black moray can be seen in one hole together shareing one spot.

Mutian Gala (20 mins)

A very good site for the open water training dive no,1 depth 12m- 14m. too reefs situated on the sandy bottom with a very rich marine life. Loads of lion fish, honey comb moray, blue stripe snappers, fussliers, many other colourful fish to be observed. More often marble rays nest in a small cave.

Dakune Gala

Situated south of mahagala, depth 18m, loads of lobsters, travelly, rubber lips, and much more to be seen.

Kantiri Gala

A reef where you find different varieties of Nudibranchs. Depth from 14-16m. 20 mins boat drive.

Leena Gala

The deep site. Ideal for deep diver training. Plenty of fish. Barracuda, travelly, fussliers and other stuff. 34m to the bottom 28 on the top of the reef.

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