Colombo Diver’s Colombo diving center  is one of  the best place in Sri Lanka for a great wreck diving experience. You can dive a dozen wrecks ranging from 30 Meters to 57 Meters (Tec Dive) in Sri Lanka. Dive in to a World War I Armed Merchant Ship or a brand new ship, recently sunk in 2009. Not only does Colombo have the best array of Wrecks in Sri Lanka, it has some of the greatest reefs too. For example, the Gorgonian Gardens are a unique dive site found no where else in Sri Lanka and the Taprobane Reefs are simply outstanding.

Colombo divers has dedicated diving center in Colombo.


Medhufaru (depth 29m, boat time 20 min)

A Maldivian cargo vessel that sank during the southwest monsoon in 2009.the medhufaru sits upright on sandy seabed at 30m.the top of the bridge is at 14m providing a nice mulitilevel dive. A group of batfish hangs out near the wreck and often follows divers and play with their bubbles while lots of lion fish can be found near the bow.

Cargo Wreck (depth 33m, boat time 20 min)

Populary known as the cargo wreck it was recently confirmed as the MV Pecheur Breton, A French vessel that foundered in 1994 while carrying scrap to india. This is a large intact ship lying on its standboard site with easy penetration into its cargo holds.

Nilgiri Drug (depth 32m, boat time 45 min)

The nilgiri was a harbor tugboat that floundered in a storm in 1997 while trying to assist another ship. It is possible to swim under the wreck and explore the upside down deck and bridge areas. A feature of this dive site is the large and curious lionfish that love posing for photographers.

Palagala (depth 34m, boat time 35 min)

Just 800m from the beach this our house reef where we do most of our open water training dives. The reef is a rocky ridge parallel to the shore with an abundance of nudibranchs, scorpianfish, pipefish, octopi and other macro subjects. The seaward edge of the reef is covered in small sea fans and lobsters and stingrays can be found under ledges and overhangs.

Barracuda Reef ( depth 24m , boat time 10 min)

An extensive rocky reef with encrusting coral and a good selection of reef fish in terms of topography it is a shallower and smaller version of snapper Alley. The southern end of the reef is covered in blue soft corals.

Clarke’s Wreck (depth 29m, boat time 70 min)

This wreck was first seen by us on youtube where a mysterious clip surfaced on the famed science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke conducting his final dive on wreck in colombo in 1992. It is a small barge , around 35m in length with a number of good swim throughs coral growth is healthy and fish life profuse as with most wrecks in colombo.

Toilet Barge (depth 32m, boat time 45min)

One of the few age of steam wrecks in colombo. This unidentified wreck is small ship around 15m long but incredibly scenic . the wreck is covered with black coral trees and fan coral and home to an excellent variety of fish from snappers to longnose hawfish.

Thermopylae Sierra (depth 23m to surface, boat time 20 min)

After being wrangled in a legal battle and staying anchored at sea for more than 3 years this 155m long Cypriot ship sank during a monsoon storm in august 2012. Since then it has been taken over by a profusion of marine life. Resident schools of mackerel, barracuda and snappers can be found on the decks along with large parrotfish, surgeonfish and angelfish and large octopi. There is possibility of this wreck eventually being salvaged for scrap metal, but while it remains it is surely one of the best wreck dives in srilanka.

Taprobane Wallet Wreck ( depth 40m, boat time 1.5 h)

The wreck is small but covered in soft coral and teeming with small fish.

Taprobane East Wreck (depth 32m, boat time 45 min)

A small barge sitting on white sandy plain, this wreck is heavily broken up but covered in colorful soft corals and attract a large variety of reef fish including a resident napoleon wrasse. While not mush remains of the wreck itself it is a colorful dive site and the visibility is often excellent making it a great place for wide-angel photography.

Chief Dragon (Car wreck) (depth 34.5m, boat time 45min)

An iconic wreck dive in colombo and for long known simply as the car wreck, the chief dragon is a 112m long car transport vessel located northwest of colombo harbor. The wreck is covered in hard and soft coral and attracts large numbers of fish including trevally, mackerel and barracuda. With a maximum depth of 35m and strong currents it is suited for experienced divers.

Battery Barge (depth 45m,boat time 30min)

The wreck of a small barge at a depth of 45m and known to local fisherman as the battery barge. Although the wreck itself is small and broken up it has excellent coral and fish life. Black corals , whip corals and small sea fans adorn most of the remaining structure and fish life includes snappers, groupers, large angelfish, lion fish, wrasses and on many days a school of small barracuda.

Taprobane East (depth 22m, boat time 120min)

Far away from the shores of colombo. Lie the exotic reefs of taprobane. The journey to taprobane is long and rough and the conditions challenging.

Serendib North Ridge (depth 25-35m, boat time 30 min)

Discovered in October 2012, this unique area with a sloping ridge. The ridge area is prolific with fish life and full of surgeonfish, small groupers, moray eal, stingrays and other reef fish.

Formosa Reef (depth 14m,boat time 15min)

Not very far from the city this long ridge like sandstone and limestone reef running almost is not the best place in terms of visibility. It is a great place for beginners and training dives and also night dives.

Lotus Barge (depth 28m,boat time 35min)

A small barge resplendent with marine life . similar to the toilet barge.

Taprobane North Wreck (depth 40m, boat time 1.5h)

A massive ship. Intact and lying on pristine sand.

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